7 Best Nursing Books for Beginners in 2022

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As a beginner we always get worried in nursing school what should we learn and where should we start studying in nursing school. I faced the same difficulty, and I will share with you the list of books I used when I got admission to nursing school. As a senior, I will recommend you the following nursing books, which I had used to make my notes and clear my exams with good grades.

Foremost the subject, that every nurse should be an expert in it is “anatomy and physiology” if you are weak in this subject you won’t be able to know the normal physiology of the human body and won’t be able to write proper nursing diagnosis and won’t be able to identify the main pathophysiology of the disease. So I recommend the following book for anatomy and physiology on a beginner level.

01. Ross & Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness

Review of the book:

This book is amazing the text is written in simple English and is supplemented by several clear, full-color images. Each chapter explains the typical structure and activities of the human body, as well as what happens when sickness or illness disturbs the regular processes. Text that has been expertly developed is unambiguous. Because of the superb arrangement, the text and important graphics are kept close together. Clear line diagrams, often in color, are used to explain the text. To aid learning and review, the text employs regular sequences of headers, lists, and bullet points.

Now, if you are learning anatomy and physiology you will have exposure to the different diseases as you study each topic so now if you like to study in more depth about the disease which you should, I recommend you the following book for as a beginner.

02. Porth’s Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States

Review of the book:

As you continue, an approachable presentation improves comprehension from basic to complex ideas and clarifies crucial vocabulary. “Chunked” content keeps you focused on the most significant information and allows you to quickly review key topics. Unit-Opening Case Studies, which are reviewed in one or more chapters of the course, bring pathophysiology to life and prepare you for clinical practice success. Approximately 1,000 vivid pictures describe illness clinical symptoms and disease processes. Understanding boxes deconstruct physiologic processes and occurrences into their component pieces, revealing the numerous ways in which illness may disturb the systems. Key Information boxes and In Summary sections let you combine key points into larger conceptual units while reducing the demand for memorization.

After studying pathophysiology what do you think you should learn? You will go for pharmacology which is a very crucial course in nursing school and the hardest one. So after getting the knowledge of disease you must study about the medication which can be used to cure the disease. So I recommend you the following book.

03. Nursing2022 Drug Handbook

Review of the book

This book is fantastic. It is detailed and contains a wealth of information. The medications are simple to obtain and even provide fresh information regarding pharmaceuticals used during COVID-19, such as remdesivir. This is an excellent resource for anybody already working in the nursing field or attending nursing school.

Now you know all the theoretical parts of nursing which is knowledge and here comes the heart of nursing now how are you willing to care for the patients? How you will make a nursing care plan? It all comes in the course of “fundament of nursing” which is vital if you are in nursing school, and I recommend you the best book which I read is as follows.

04. Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Care review

Review of the book

Fundamentals of Nursing, 9th Edition, is a tried-and-true course solution that makes fundamental topics accessible and helps students build the knowledge and clinical skills they need to thrive throughout their nursing education. This thoroughly revised edition prepares students for today’s clinical environment by covering emerging practices and technology, as well as new multimedia learning tools and case studies that reflect the clinical application of chapter concepts and prepare students to excel throughout their nursing careers.

As a beginner, you should now some knowledge about health assessment how you will do assessments on patients I recommend the following book which is one of my favorite books because it gives you a short overview of anatomy and then gives you information about health assessment, and the book which recommends you is given below.

05. Health Assessment Made Incredibly Visual  

Review of the book

Helps nurses learn patient assessment by graphically demonstrating how to do each assessment approach using visuals and clear, simple language. Hundreds of vivid images, diagrams, charts, and other visual aids assist nurses through each stage of doing a head-to-toe physical examination and identifying normal and abnormal results. The visual presentation is very useful for topics like patient posture, hand placement during the examination, stethoscope placement during auscultation, and others.

Now let me give you some nursing books which will be a great help you to get good grades in your nursing school, so the book which will help you to memorize difficult things in nursing such as pancreatitis causes, shock symptoms, anemia sorts, or irritable bowel disease treatment classifications and so much more.

06. Nursing Mnemonics: 108 Memory Tricks to Demolish Nursing School (John Haws)

Review of the book:

This book offers over 170 mnemonics intended exclusively for nurses and nursing students preparing for the NCLEX or who just wish to further their careers. Be patient with yourself and take your time memorizing the mnemonics for the topic you are currently learning or studying in school. This book will help you to 1. Feel confident in your academics 2. Be able to recall difficult nursing topics 3. Gain a better understanding of nursing principles by using the brief description that comes with each mnemonic.

Last but not least I highly recommend you to start preparing for the NCLEX   exam from the beginning which I didn’t do, but I recommend you. By doing a study on the topics which you are studying in nursing school already will help you in the future, Take my words.

07. Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination, 8 Edition

Review of the book:

The examination has been said to as “the finest NCLEX exam review book ever.” Under one cover, you’ll find everything you need to prepare for the NCLEX test – comprehensive content review and over 4,500 NCLEX exams. The exam contains questions that regularly test the critical thinking abilities required to pass today’s NCLEX exam. What’s more, ALL solutions include extensive rationales to assist you in learning from your answer choices, as well as test-taking tactics that give recommendations on how to effectively approach each question.

I hope this list of books will help you as a beginner to study effectively and efficiently and to score good grades in your exams. Good Luck!