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Clinical Report Sheet

You can use this clinical report sheet in critical care nursing couse to enhance student knowledge to remember the important values and how they can do quick assessment.

The document content contains the following content

  • General information about the patient admitted in the Hospital. for example ; patient name and code status etc.
  • Neuro system for example ; level of consciousness and pain scale etc.
  • Cardiovascular system for example ; Rhythm and heart rate
  • Respiratory System for example ; ventilator setting and breathing sound and etc.
  • Gastro intestinal system for example ; diet, NPO (nothing per oral) and PO (per oral status) etc.
  • Skin assessment for example ; if the patient have any pressure sore.
  • Social/ Family information
  • Drips which are on patient currently.
  • Medications which Doctor has prescribed to the patient.
  • Labs normal values are also mentioned in the document
  • hourly plan of nursing care.

You can download this word document by just clicking the link below – credit of this document goes to Sahar Soomro BSN, MSN